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Cannabis Security Services

Protecting a Highly Vulnerable Industry

Without proper protection, the cannabis industry is exceedingly vulnerable to being robbed or burglarized. In fact, in 2015, Colorado estimated a 50% burglary rate among cannabis-related businesses. Cannabis growing and processing facilities and dispensaries must safeguard their products, facilities, employees, and reputation amid the heavily regulated business landscape. 

Creating a detailed security plan can help mitigate the chances of suffering major losses or damage as a result of burglary or vandalism. That's why Liberty Defense Group offers a comprehensive list of security services specifically for the cannabis industry. We get you, and we are on your side.

Security Consultation

We offer our highly experienced security consultation services to any cannabis company in need. This includes insight on static security operations, mobile security operations, CCTV placement and monitoring, Egress and Ingress routes within the cannabis facility, vault operations, and setup, and biometric security to name a few. All insight will be given by highly trained contractors that have numerous years of training and experience within the DOD and DOS organizations.     
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Cultivation Facility

Our operators are all former law enforcement officers or military veterans, so they have the training, discipline, and know-how to protect your facility. The assigned operators to your cannabis facility will follow all company policies as well as all rules and regulations set by the client. Operator duties will include but are not limited to: 

  • Roving patrols of facility 
  • Armed presence within the facility for deterrence purposes 
  • Vehicle searches upon entrance and exit of facility 
  • Monitoring of facility CCTV system
  • Visitor logs and hourly logs of activity within the facility 

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This is an essential part of operations, not only for protecting business assets, but also the peace of mind it provides to customers. Our dispensary operators conduct themselves in a professional manner and will be available to the dispensary to check public credentials upon entrance to the facility. 

Dispensary operators will be available one hour prior to opening and one hour after closing for the protection of the employees. Operator duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Armed presence within the facility for deterrence purposes 
  • Credential check's
  • Optional searches
  • Professional customer assistance, 
  • Monitoring of facility CCTV system, theft monitoring and deterrence

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Secure Transport

Because cannabis remains illegal under federal law, many banks and insurers do not want to participate, leaving large parts of the industry unbanked and uninsured. As a result, there are notable risks in transporting product. 

Our cash pickup services are performed by armed security specialists. In a discreet vehicle, our transport team will pick up your cash for you to deliver securely and safely to the location of your choice. Whether it be to your bank, another facility, or the state, we ensure your cash gets to where it needs to be in a safe and timely fashion. We also offer our clients "secured product transport." We can pick up or transport any product for our clients in the Oklahoma and Arkansas industries and are currently expanding into other states.

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For some cannabis facilities, we do not recommend having just an armed security presence for deterrence. Sometimes, just having an armed security director on staff eliminates criminal mischief, decreases the responsibility that is put on the management team, and increases security and safety practices within the facility. Our security director is extensively vetted by our recruitment team, and only the most qualified are assigned to our clients who request a security director for their facility. 

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and Equipment 

Liberty Defense Group employees are suggested to wear assigned uniforms while on duty. Daily uniform will consist of boots, trousers, a belt, and a collared polo shirt with a company emblem, handgun, and holster. Operators will have access to full kit gear, flak jacket, non-lethal weapons, and rifle or shotgun, in case of emergency situations.

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Liberty Defense Group knows that the cannabis industry has a high threat and requires a higher caliber of protection. With each contract, we bring highly valued clients our $2 million-dollar GL policy and our $500,000 cash/product transport policy. These are designed solely to protect our client's assets and facility while Liberty Defense Group's personnel secures each assigned site and during the movement of all cash and product. 

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