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Liberty Defense Group, LLC, is owned and operated by combat veterans who have extensive experience and training in the protection and security field. Our company was established to protect and secure facilities used to produce and distribute legal cannabis in the southern states of the U.S. We have diligently considered the needs of the industry and have developed our business model to meet and exceed all expectations that our customers may have.

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Security Services

In addition to serving the cannabis industry, we offer security services to many corporations and their executives. We offer static/post security, security consultation, executive protection, active shooter response training, cash transportation, construction site security, and armed vehicle personnel transports. 

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Mission Statement

Liberty Defense Group is dedicated to our country's veterans. Our mission is to reintegrate veterans back into society and give them a welcoming place to land. Simultaneously, providing the highest level of security through rigorous training, integrity, and unparalleled commitment to those assets and personnel we protect. 

In essence, we offer veterans great jobs, much-needed camaraderie and support, and a continued purpose to serve and protect the welfare of our country. If you are interested in working with us, check out our locations or contact us today.

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Methods of Operation

Our ultimate mission is to set the standard in high-threat security in the new and unprecedented industry of medical marijuana. This mission is achieved through employing highly trained individuals to monitor, secure, and preserve all facilities and personnel associated with our client. 


Our methodology within security is a direct product of multiple years of high-threat security for U.S. diplomats and high-ranking military officers in hazardous theaters, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Our experience allows us to have a unique perspective on this new high threat industry materializing in the United States.

Situational Training

Our operators undergo rigorous background checks and security training overseen by the Arkansas State Police and its Institutes of Instructors (IOI). This training includes numerous hours on the firing range with assigned weapons, hours of law and legal aspect training on the repercussions of discharging assigned weapons, and hours spent performing situation training with a simulator. 

In addition, all Liberty Defense Group operators must carry a State Police issued license on their person at all times (license must be re-certified annually) that shows they have been through the required training and are up to date on all legal issues involved with the job. Our mobile security operators will be concealed weapons trained and certified by the state and follow ALL state and federal gun laws.


Jonathan Reeves

Founder and CEO

While serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Jon was deployed on three combat tours as an infantry machine gunner and mortar-man. During his time in the military, he attended many formal schools where he shaped his skills in high-value personnel security, weapons and explosive handling, cover and concealment, explosive detections, defensive and offensive driving, military discipline, leadership tactics, and other numerous techniques. During his combat tours in the middle east, Jon gained experience and led a team of Marines in static and mobile security, raids on high-value targets, combat operations, and personnel security. 

Ryan Hansen

Founder and CFO

While serving in the Marines, Ryan protected two embassies, Abu Dhabi, UAE & San Jose, Costa Rica. During this three-year period, he was called on to protect President Bill Clinton in New Delhi, India, Secretary of State Colin Powell in Paris, France, and Secretary of State Madeline Albright in Mauritius, South Africa. After leaving the Marines, Ryan was selected to attend Blackwater's High Threat Protection program in Moyock, NC. During his first two tours, he commanded a Quick Response Force vehicle that supported U.S. diplomats, making efforts to rebuild the country. In his final tour, he was assigned to a helicopter crew as a door gunner. During this time, he supported missions to northern Iraq and the Syrian and Iranian borders. 

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